Lectures are a really important part of education, and are the best opportunities to learn cutting edge information about different subjects related to nutrition and health. For this reason, I try to attend as many lectures and seminars as possible, which include:

-"HIV tests and more-the shocking, empowering truth that changes your future!" by Liam Scheff

-"Rejuvenate hormones, don't replace them; learn the facts!" by Dr. Theresa Dale

-"Chronicles of the FDA Dragon Slayer" by Jonathan Emord

-"Why we get sick" by Dr. Tom Wu

-"The only answer to cancer-defeating the root cause of all diseases" by Dr. Leonard Coldwell

-"House of numbers discussion" with filmmaker and director Brent W. Leung, and moderator Robert Scott Bell

-"Health Freedom: a call to action" by Mike Adams

-"Miracle superfoods that heal" by Dr. Tony O'Donnell

-"Healthy living starts with avoiding GMOs" by Jeffrey Smith

-"How to eliminate, prevent and reverse the way our body ages and dies" by Dr. Bill Sheppard

-"THE GEORGE NOORY PANEL" with Dr. Leonard Coldwell (The cure for cancer), Jonathan Emord (The law and challenging the FDA), Christian Wilde (Dramatic heart health remedies), Kevin Trudeau (Fierce consumer activism), Daryl Hannah (Create healthy environments), John Gray (Healthy relationships with yourself and others), and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Pioneering healthy medicine)

-Wellness Survival Workshop" by Dr. Claudia Keyworth