Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As we start 2012, I have come to the conclusion that I can do better. I know it's a cliche to try new resolutions for a new year, but I'm not doing this for anybody but myself.

I've realized I've learned many things during 2011, many of which are of vital importance in my life. Others might have not been vital, but still important. I've learned many spiritual things, I've learned about hair in your body, about bugs inside you, about even more benefits of being grounded (connected to the Earth), about being barefoot, about fruits, and many other things...

Therefore, this new year 2012, I'm going to try to do these things related to health:

-Transition to a fruitarian diet (with a few veggies, nuts, and other raw foods)
-Get grounded as often as possible, as well as barefoot
-See how much my hair can grow...I'll report about this in the future!
-Make my trainings more intense for the Pan-Ams and World Jiu Jitsu Championships
-Help even more people I have in 2011 (Remember, I do this for FREE)
-Finish at least two of my degrees

I think this will be good enough...
Love you all, truly, wake up, and stay aware!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last post was about fruit. This one is about veggies. After fruit, veggies (especially raw), are the most important food we can eat. In order to eat them raw, I suggest three options:

1. Juice: When you juice fruits and veggies, you can concentrate a high amount of nutrients that will be digested quickly, and will help your body's reserves get charged! Juices of fruits and veggies are delicious, and you can juice enough to drink two or three times a day for two days (more than that, the juice looses too many nutrients and ferments).

2. Smoothies: This is the quickest form of delicious flavors with veggies incorporated. Mix some veggies with banana, orange juice, berries, ice, and ready!! This takes a little bit longer to digest, and you can't concentrate much nutrients since you are eating the fiber, but it will at the same time clean your colon, and your digestive tract.

3. Salads: This is the most conventional way of eating raw veggies. However, experiment with it! Get new veggies you've never tried before, combine flavors, make your own dressing. This will improve your motivation, and you will discover great salads that came out of your thinking box!

Just a little reminder: when drinking juice, your stomach should be totally empty (either first thing in the morning, or after about three hours of any meal). Then, after 45 minutes to 1 hour you can eat something else...

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, it's been a while since I haven't posted anything, so I decided today, that even if it's just a small post, that I would share something.

Nutrition is full of interesting principles that work together to give us health. These principles are mainly based on accommodating to the natural cycles of our body. When we interrupt one of these cycles, our bodies don't work properly, and they need to make an extra effort to solve problems. Therefore, the more we follow these principles, the better our health will be.

So here it is, one of these principles. It's about fruit. Fruit is the most important food we can eat. The principle is that we should at least eat fruit three times a day, but always on empty stomach. That would be first, when we wake up in the morning, second, about two or two and a half hours after breakfast, when we have digested the food, and third, about two and half to three hours after lunch, after we have digested the food. When eating fruit, wait at least 45 minutes before eating anything else.

There you go. If you apply this principle in your life, you will become a lot healthier. Don't forget to choose first your own yard organic fruits, then organic fruits from the farmers market, then organic fruits from the health food store, then regular fruits from the farmers market, and finally, if nothing else is available, regular fruits from the grocery store (however these last ones won't help you much).

Friday, June 10, 2011


Have you ever been asked, or wandered where vegans get their protein? Why don't we ask a gorila?

There is a protein myth going around that you need protein in order to build muscle and that best protein is animal protein. Nothing furthest from the truth!

First of all, animal protein, in most cases, has to be cooked. Scientifically, cooking destroys at least one half of the food's available protein. Not to mention the sicknesses going around on the commercial animal industry, where the poor animals are fed all kinds of crap, just to get sick, and transmit all diseases with anybody who eats their flesh. Second, you don't need protein to build muscle. Protein is the middle man. Your body takes protein, breaks it down into amino acids, and then builds muscle and other things with those amino acids. So why not get the amino acids directly? And where can I find amino acids? ENZYMES! Anything that has enzimes has amino acids, because enzymes are amino acids! Cut out the middle man! When studying food, laboratories cook the food, so it's hard for them to find the real nutrients in foods because they get destroyed. However, if you eat a mostly raw-vegan diet, you will get so many enzymes (amino acids) that your body will start building muscle and burning fat in no time, plus you will get all the nutrients from plants, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc.

It's a win-win deal, go vegan, go raw! Let's follow the gorila diet!! (minus the ants).

Friday, April 29, 2011


Having a barefoot lifestyle might be complicated. However, and sadly, the complications don't come from the ground, they come from the people. Some people don't understand this concept of barefoot living, and we as humans tend to criticize what we don't understand. I used to be a big time criticizer of people being barefoot in public places other than the pool and the beach. I'm guilty of it, and that's why I wanted to put together this post about it, so that maybe, if people understand why, they will respect and even maybe embrace this concept.

There are basically two reasons why being barefoot is better than wearing shoes:

1.- The way we plant our feet: When we walk and specially when we run, the way we step down, the way we plant our feet in the ground varies depending on if we are barefoot or if we wear shoes. The way we step down  when barefoot is the best, healthiest way to do it, and research has proven this in many occasions. When barefoot, because of the feeling we receive through bearskin, we tend to plant the toes first and release the pressure slowly as we plant the rest of the foot. When wearing shoes, we don't have that connection with our brains, and we step with our heels first, provoking great pressure on the joints of our knees and ankles. This produces long term damage to both our tendons and joints. And this is the first reason why being barefoot is healthier.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


We have over 200 different types of cells in our bodies (nerve cells, blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells, tissue cells, etc.) for a total of 75 to 100 trillion cells. That's 100 million million cells that need to live, do their duties, and then die.

Why do cells do stuff?
Well, if cells didn't do what they were meant to do, we would die, and actually that is what is happening today, at alarming rates. What things do cells do that keep us alive and healthy? Well, they do everything, from regenerating tissues, to transporting nutrients, along with detoxifying our bodies, giving, storing and utilizing energy, killing bad microbes, viruses, and bacteria, and many, many other things. What do cells need to fill their duties? Certainly, they don't need man created chemicals, preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners, drugs, antibiotics, and many other harmful things. What they need is vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, water, oxygen, and a few other things...