Thursday, February 2, 2012


Many people ask me what the perfect diet is. I mean, really? Is there a "perfect" diet? First of all, you have to tell me what you want the diet to do to you, because, you see, many people come up to me just because they want to lose weight. There are many different amazingly effective diets out there to lose weight. However, are they healthy at all? Is your body in a better situation if you lost some weight, but you became really acidic, or I should say, in the process of preventing to get acidic, your body used resources that made you sick, and now you have to suffer from it? (aka, osteoporosis from a high processed protein diet)

So, after studying many, many different types of diet, I have to conclude, there are several approaches a person can take towards food, and be absolutely healthy and vibrant. It doesn't matter what you are eating right now, you can always improve! Diet is about improving your life, is about evolving and applying what you learn from food into your life. See, getting to know something and applying what you have learned are two different things. If you want to improve your health, just go ahead, learn something, and apply it into your life!

I direct people towards a better goal, towards a better diet than the one they have now. Sometimes I even make very little changes into people's diet and they tell me it is too hard. Health is about commitment. Health is about really wanting to sacrifice your immediate cravings for a better life. Health is about knowledge and wisdom.

Anyways, enough with the talk. The perfect diet? Well, I haven't figure it out yet, however, I can give you a few recommendations.

-My very first recommendation is Dr. Robert Cassar's way of eating/living. He is an outstanding, wise nutritionist (he is really a toxicologist, but knows more about nutrition than anybody I know of). His diet consists of a high intake of liquids that are full of nutrients, and about one meal per day, with a few snacks. This is his website, with superfoods that he sells, and videos that he shares:


-My second is the 80/10/10 diet. This consists of high amounts of fruits, with some greens, nuts, and seeds. Low fat, low protein, high good quality carbohydrates. This diet is full of enzyme rich foods, gives you tons of energy, helps you lose a lot of weight, and keeps your immune system at its highest. I recommend reading the book on sale now:

THE 80/10/10 DIET

-To be continued...

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