Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today, my beautiful wife Janeen and our daughter Annabelle, left me alone for their monthly girl Munoa lunch, and I decided I should go to the movies, since it's an almost impossible task having Annabelle with us.

However, after the movie, I took my electric VECTRIX scooter to pay a visit to the antique stores in downtown Provo to browse for a new book shelve for my disorganized office full of books. On my way there, I thought I had to find a place to have lunch, since Janeen was already enjoying her own one. I decided to look for a healthy place to stop by and grab something, but I wanted to find a new place, since we always visit the same 3 of 4 restaurants that are relatively healthy in the Provo/Orem area. So there I was, enjoying my scooter drive on a beautiful sunny fall day, trying to find a place to nutritiously feed myself. Now, I come from a scientific background, and I'm used to pretty difficult problem solving, but I gotta tell you, finding a healthy restaurant nowadays is an impossible task! I kept on looking and looking, but all I saw was the same kinds of chain restaurants, with a slightly different name tag, but with the same menu.
The saddest part of all was that the lines for the drive-through were so big, sometimes over 15 cars were waiting. Why would anybody waste their precious time waiting in a line for poison? would you agree on driving your car somewhere, wait inside of the car for 20 minutes on a relatively hot day, to be stung by a bee, or bitten by a snake? No, right? Well, it's the same thing if not worse to wait in one of those lines for 0 nutrients and lots of toxin filled foods! They literally kill you! Not right away of course...No, they kill you slowly! They serve you a great variety of different options:
Do you want to spend your days in a wheelchair? here is a little bit of osteoporosis!
or you prefer to pay annual visits to the O.R.? here is a little bit of cancer, or digestive problems, or a couple of tumors...
maybe you rather forget everything we've done to you? here is some Alzheimer's!
I could keep going and going, but you get it, don't you? if you don't get it, that might be problem...

However, I wasn't sold to this idea from the beginning...I had to learn the hard way...I kept on feeling like I was getting arthritis! My joints hurt more and more as time went by, and I was seriously frightened about the idea of getting old! I had sore throats all the time, and headaches here and there...I just thought it was normal to suffer from those things, and I tried to handle it as best I could. Sometimes you can learn from those experiences, but that doesn't mean you have to go through them! I could have perfectly gotten a daily dose of ibuprofen or any other analgesic to calm my joint you think that would have solved my problem? Yeah, you're right, man chemistry doesn't cure you...if anything, it leaves toxic residue in your body.


You can't just go and put some patches or paint on a wall crack and expect the problem to be solved! If the problem is big enough, your house might fall on top of you, and that paint, or those patches won't do anything! The same thing happens with your health. You have to go to the root of the problem! There is always a nutrient deficiency and/or excess of toxins for any human disease (besides the amount of stress we suffer from)! Even virus diseases could be prevented if our immune systems were working to the peak of their abilities!

So I went to the root of the problem, and I realized I wasn't really eating healthy! I read, and read, and read about nutrition, and I learn so much about it that now, when I bring the health or nutrition subject to the table, people get either really bored or really excited...I like it when they get excited! So I started to correct a few things I was doing wrong, avoid some bad food I was putting in my system, add high nutritious food into my diet, and put into practice all the little tips I was learning about, and guess what? YES, you're right, all my problems went away: no more joint pain, no more sore throats, no more headaches. The few pounds I could never loose are gone, and my energy level is above anything I could think of. Now, my case wasn't really the most critical one you can encounter nowadays. I'm thankful I never got to the point of being too sick or with a problem that might be too late to resolve. But there are thousands of people in that situation! the rates of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many other illnesses are rising with unstoppable giant steps! I just want to make my life career to help people be healthier, feel better, avoid pain, enjoy life! That's that too much to ask?

So finally, after the antique store visit, I went back home with no lunch stops in the way, and had a delicious "GAZPACHO" (a healthy raw traditional Spanish dish with tomatoes, pepper, onion, cucumber, sprouted bread, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar). While drinking my gazpacho I thought: "People have the right to know how and what I feel right now for their sakes!", and here I am, letting you know!

I had probably too many feelings inside of me, and this is my way of getting them out of my system...I just hope, you can THINK ABOUT IT!


  1. Hi Angel! Would you post some recipes on your blog? That would be great! I loved the bruchetta recipe...I need more!! I bet others would like that as well :) Thanks!! So glad you have found your niche..I'm enjoying reading your blog and going to buy some of the books :) love erin

  2. Thanks for your healthy posts. I'm going to go make a salad now. :) I have been a raw foodists in the past and have gone up and down with healthy and poison food. I appreciate your words and encouragement!

  3. You're welcome Lizzy...I understand, sometimes is difficult to avoid the temptations of the highly addictive world in which we live. We just need to find a constant motivation that reminds us what's most important. Eventually little sacrifices become natural and our bodies learn to love the healthy stuff.
    Go on, be strong!