Saturday, October 2, 2010


There are different kinds of foods:

1. BAD FOODS: These are the foods that not only they don't help you get nourished but actually corrupt your body with poisons, toxins, excitotoxins, empty calories, and substances that interrupt the normal functioning of your digestive and physiological system, cell metabolism and wellbeing. They shouldn't even be considered foods and they should be vanished from the market. Unfortunately, they have control over the food industry and are present in people's everyday's lives, and hence the reason for all important autoimmune diseases that affect us nowadays (Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.). These foods can be found at pretty much any chain restaurant (with a few exceptions), some other restaurants that are not part of a chain, all processed foods we find at the supermarket, especially those that include high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars and flours, other products that have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and other products to increase production and durability in an unnatural way, and of course all GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms), like many of the corn and soy products that are not organic.

2. OK FOODS: These are the foods that have an equilibrium between the good and the bad they do to your body. Included on this list are fruits and vegetables that are not organic, organic processed foods, organic animal products, processed foods whose ingredients are closer to the natural state of the food and are not treated with poisonous substances, organic cooked foods, unrefined sugars, and some of the so called "healthy treats". You can find these products at some no-chain restaurants, supermarkets of all kind, and some health food stores.

3. GOOD FOODS: These are the foods that will unequivocally help your organism, body, cells, and digestive system, become better and improve in performance. They posses, on their raw state, many vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that work together to deliver nutrients to our bodies. Among these foods are organic fruits and vegetables, all kinds of sprouts, organic grains and dry fruits, organic seeds and roots, raw unprocessed sweeteners, some organic animal products (I include these on both lists because every once in a while our body can benefit from the use of them), and some organic supplements. You can find these at the majority of health food stores, some supermarkets, high quality (not necessarily high price) organic restaurants, some food local markets, your garden and in the wild.

4. SUPERFOODS: These are the special kind of foods I want to concentrate on the next few posts. These are foods that help your physiological system in more than one or two areas, they are foods and medicines at the same time, they increase longevity and the majority of centenarian people partake of them. They are foods with a great history of tradition by many important civilizations which sometimes have been forgotten. They give you a lot of energy and clarity of mind without the bad secondary effects other clinical supplements produce. They have been shown and proved to heal people from the worts of the diseases like heart diseases, blood diseases, organ illnesses, diabetes, infertility, digestive problems, mental problems, etc. When making these foods part of our diet, we enjoy wellness in its plenitude and appreciate that change that they produce in our beings. Some of these foods that I will talk about in next posts are:

Goji Berries, Cacao/Cocoa/Raw Chocolate, Maca, Bee Products, Olive Oil, Wheat, Spirulina, Garlic, Lemons, Algae products, Aloe Vera, Acai, Superherbs, Coconuts, Hemp Seeds, and some others
(You are welcome to comment on this post about what you think could make it to this list and why).

A lot of the information about these superfoods I have learned from the book "Superfoods" by David Wolfe, which I recommend, "The Honey Prescription" by Nathaniel Altman, and "The Healing Powers of Olive Oil" by Cal Orey.


  1. great post! can't wait for the following post touching on the superfoods each in more detail!! :)
    maybe you could post some of your favorite recipes and food combos that might make the transition of adding superfoods to the diet easier for those unfamiliar with these foods and tell some ideas of how to incorporate it in the diet (and have food that still taste good)... i've been told the healthier you eat the more you enjoy the healthy foods and dislike the unhealthy foods, what are your thoughts on this?? and do you have any personal experiences and examples of this principal to share??? thanks love!


    Janeen, this is so true, I really notice how your tastes can alter until you lose your desire to eatcertain things, and if you do actually eat them, they taste so excessively sweet or so overly processed- they just do not taste like food....because they are not- they are just edible food-like substances.
    My feelings are, though I need to study some more- no food is any more super than the sum of the diet. Incorporating any superfood into the diet will not add any noticeable effect (in my opinion) until the diet as a whole is super. (By "diet" I mean way of eating)I may be wrong about this but thats my feeling. There is no quick fix, just as in our spiritual selves goodness needs to permeate our daily life, not just isolated acts of goodness, in our "diet" we need to get rid of the rubbish and embrace everything good if we reallyreally want to see a difference.

    Ask yourself- "What would Jesus eat?" That's not a joke! How they ate in those times was simple, unprocessed, unsprayed, not a packet, can or carton in sight, animals ate good food andwandered free, the seas (and therefore fish) was unpolluted....

    I believe that all good and true things are part of one great whole. Thus, true principles in our spiritual self reflect truths in our body; when we choose goodness, love and forgiveness, peace, light, our spiritual self is changed, so that it starts to hate darkness, and anything associated with it. Our body actually does the same! Over time, as we nurture our body with real foods as they were plucked from the earth as a general rule, we can find oursleves LOVING things we previously could not stand to eat, and shunning things we previously craved. With me it has happened with green leaves (which I used to hate and now I miss them if I dont have them for one day) walnuts, pumpkin seeds etc (used to find them repugnant!) and wheat sprouts, well, sprouts in general.
    I feel that more emphasis should be put on the superness of readily available products familiar to people because people are sometimes overwhelmed by new stuff, especially when pricey. Garlic is a great example.(It needs to raw! It is not as scarey as it sounds) I don't know if it is on the "official" list (in any case there are dozens of lists) but I think kale should be on there, that baby has more calcium than cows milk and packed with chlorophyll, and phytonutrients in abundance.

    I just want to say, that waking up feeling tired and groggy after 7 hours sleep is not actually normal, and when you change the way you eat for the better, you can honestly bounce out of bed at 5am feeling amazing. It truly is incredible!

    Thanks Angel.

  3. Beth, you are totally right...these SUPERFOODS won't do any good if our diet is not consistent with what I explained would be a healthy diet. We need raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and every once in a while organic animal products could also help. However, when we follow this kind of diet, if we introduce SUPERFOODS, amazing things start to happen. It's complicated to explain everything at once, and that's why I will start explaining what each one of those SUPERFOODS do to you when introduced to your diet. I will explain why they are so important and powerful, their properties and nutritional values, etc.
    I will explain, I promise!

  4. I totally think about the food Jesus would eat thats so funny that you would post that! I can totally tell when I change my diet even slightly how different I feel. I pretty much eat the same things daily at the same times and come to rely on what they provide me with, like energy, mood, strength, even sleep. I obsessed with nutrition I soak it all up like a sponge! That doesn't mean I'm trying everything out yet though I know I should, I'll get there but evening changing small things make a huge difference. thanks for your tips!