Saturday, November 6, 2010


Thank you all for visiting my blog, and specially for making my post about the WORD OF WISDOM so popular, it's truly a pleasure for me to be able to spread the word about this amazingly Godly law.

Well, today I want to talk about the importance of learning how to use wholesome, raw, and nutritious ingredients to make amazingly tasty meals. A great source of inspiration is Janae A. Devika, a raw food and whole food chef in the Utah area and owner of CAFE JANAE. She is so concerned about health in our society that she offers these free introductory classes on how to prepare great, tasty, meals and desserts made with only raw and full of life ingredients like different kinds of nuts, raw honey, fruits, etc. Go to her website and sign up for updates on those classes and many other things she offers.

Why is it so important to use full of life ingredients? I compare this to the type of fuel your car uses. Let's say you have a gasoline car and after driving for a while your tank is empty. Of course you go to the gas station, get your credit or debit card, and swipe it. The you select gasoline and put it in your car. Now the question, why wouldn't you just put water in the tank? Isn't it cheaper? and also it's everywhere, you don't have to go to the gas station! Or maybe diesel...this week is cheaper and it's right there in the same spot as gasoline...Everybody knows that if you were to put water or diesel in your gasoline car tank, your car would break, right? Well, the exact same thing happens inside our bodies: Whenever we put substances in our bodies that were not meant for us to take, our bodies become sick. But which ones are those substances that are meant for us then? Well, again, my post on WORD OF WISDOM explains this, and basically these, are the ingredients that we can find in their raw form: fruits and veggies, grains and nuts, and any other kind of eatable plant or herb. Usually you don't have to buy any brand name for these, because they come as they were picked from the Earth, and you can buy them in bulk, no packaging necessary, except for maybe honey bottles, but even these could be avoided if you had the courage to go to the person taking care of the bees and bringing your own glass bottle and just paying him/her for the product. Some extracts are also difficult to produce yourself and it's ok to buy them in the package form.

Just remember that up until a hundred years ago, there was no packaging whatsoever...people just ate foods in their wholesome state; so it is not impossible, or at least, we have a lot of room to get better at it, even if we can't do it 100%.

Today, in Janae's class, there was something interesting that made me think about it. She mentioned the importance of choosing by yourself whatever you wanted to do next. Conscious response versus conditioning response. We can either choose to eat the best foods on earth and get our bodies to the best state of health possible, or we can just let ourselves go and do the things people tell us to do, things that media tells us to do, things that society and tradition tell us to do, etc. So this next holiday season, choose to eat healthy, learn how to make the healthy version of the traditional dishes and desserts, and enjoy life being healthy! Don't let yourself eat all the junk food just because it's tradition or just because it's there in the table and everybody else is eating it! Choose to be healthy! Choose to live longer! Choose to cure yourself of any diseases! Choose to be in the best shape possible all the time! Choose to be happier!

My friends, I'm here to help you as well. Ask me any questions! And thanks for following!

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