Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is one of the greatest ideas I've heard in the last years:

There are a few local governments across the US who thought of giving public land a better use. Check it out HERE. They thought, if we own some public land, why don't we give it a public benefit use? Why don't we create public gardens maintained by volunteers in which we can grow fruits and vegetables and let anybody partake of those foods? Homeless people can come anytime and get a fresh, healthy piece of fruit or vegetable while looking for a job, instead of having to ask for money to eat all day long. Working people can take a break from their jobs and just enjoy some fresh air while eating a just about picked apple, instead of the unhealthy and heavily processed fast food meal most Americans choose for those breaks...

I see a country changing with initiatives like this one. I see a healthier country, a more productive country. I see people spending money on important things instead of degrading ones. I see a government that cares about people instead of monetary interest, and serves people and not corporations. I see communities getting closer to each other, growing together.


This is an idea all of us can propose to our governments. It's working already in many different places, why not in all places, in all cities and towns? Local businesses will be more than willing to help and volunteer to maintain the gardens and be able to use the fresh produce for their food preparation. A garden is easy to maintain, and if at anytime, there is a necessary project for that same piece of land, well, there is nothing easier to build over than a garden, and the garden could be moved somewhere else. It makes sense! don't you think?

Source of this post: NATURAL NEWS.

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