Thursday, March 3, 2011


We have over 200 different types of cells in our bodies (nerve cells, blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells, tissue cells, etc.) for a total of 75 to 100 trillion cells. That's 100 million million cells that need to live, do their duties, and then die.

Why do cells do stuff?
Well, if cells didn't do what they were meant to do, we would die, and actually that is what is happening today, at alarming rates. What things do cells do that keep us alive and healthy? Well, they do everything, from regenerating tissues, to transporting nutrients, along with detoxifying our bodies, giving, storing and utilizing energy, killing bad microbes, viruses, and bacteria, and many, many other things. What do cells need to fill their duties? Certainly, they don't need man created chemicals, preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners, drugs, antibiotics, and many other harmful things. What they need is vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, water, oxygen, and a few other things...

Each of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies need those nutrients, but how many people do actually take those nutrients on a regular basis? Not very many, and that's why so many people are sick, along with the fact that we overload our bodies with toxins and poisonous substances. Healthy cells make healthy tissues, resistant to disease and physical injury. Cells also need a good communication net, otherwise physiological activities are not performed in the way it is supposed to. If your wife, or mom, or dad, need you to pick them up from somewhere in 10 min, and they call you but you don't answer and they leave a message in the answer machine, and you see that message 2 hours later...well, exactly, whatever needs to be done, has to be communicated in an efficient real time way, otherwise something bad happens. What happens with unhealthy cells? they lead to a body susceptible of disease and injury.

This is a fact. Disease is the result of a large number of malfunctioning cells (widespread cytopathy). Sometimes we are sick but we don't know about it, because not enough cells are malfunctioning in a certain way to produce a symptom. Symptoms are the response of our bodies to tell us that something bad has been going on for a while. A symptom appears not as the first sign of a problem, but as an accumulation of problems that have been going on for a while. For example the flu: We get the symptoms of the flu, not because the the flu virus is causing them, but because our bodies are telling us that our immune system is not working properly, and something else has to be done to get rid of that virus (fever, coughing, etc.), it's your body that is provoking those symptoms, not the flu virus. Same thing with any other disease. On a healthy body, the immune system works in harmony with all the rest of the cells to provide what is needed to get rid of any microbe, virus, or bacteria and the person doesn't even notice.

Well, this is the reason because health is a choice. You can choose to start feeding your body all the nutrients it needs, and stop putting toxins in it. You can decide to be positive and get rid of stress through exercise, meditation, and clear conscience as well.

If you want to be healthy, but don't know what needs to be done, get in touch with me, I'll help you!

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