Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last post was about fruit. This one is about veggies. After fruit, veggies (especially raw), are the most important food we can eat. In order to eat them raw, I suggest three options:

1. Juice: When you juice fruits and veggies, you can concentrate a high amount of nutrients that will be digested quickly, and will help your body's reserves get charged! Juices of fruits and veggies are delicious, and you can juice enough to drink two or three times a day for two days (more than that, the juice looses too many nutrients and ferments).

2. Smoothies: This is the quickest form of delicious flavors with veggies incorporated. Mix some veggies with banana, orange juice, berries, ice, and ready!! This takes a little bit longer to digest, and you can't concentrate much nutrients since you are eating the fiber, but it will at the same time clean your colon, and your digestive tract.

3. Salads: This is the most conventional way of eating raw veggies. However, experiment with it! Get new veggies you've never tried before, combine flavors, make your own dressing. This will improve your motivation, and you will discover great salads that came out of your thinking box!

Just a little reminder: when drinking juice, your stomach should be totally empty (either first thing in the morning, or after about three hours of any meal). Then, after 45 minutes to 1 hour you can eat something else...


  1. Why should the stomach be totally empty before drinking juice? Explain please!

  2. Hi Michaela, thanks for your question. I can't believe I have never posted in detail about this topic, since I consider it very important. Well, I'll share my view with you and any others interested.

    Apparently, you can find science to prove both versions of the story. There is science that proves that you should eat fruits on empty stomach, and other science that proves that it doesn't matter. When something like this happens, I just tend to make my own experiment. So I got and mixed stuff in my stomach and saw what happened. Then I went and didn't mix fruits with other foods, and then I saw what happened. Well, what happened to me was so obvious that I had to believe the science that proves that we should combine foods wisely. I recommend the books Food Combining and Digestion, and Living on Live Foods. Not only they explain in detail the reasons for this counsel, but for other many suggestions on food combining for good digestion.

    About fruits, they take very little time to be digested, pass through the stomach and intestines, compared to other foods. When you combine fruits with other foods, they ferment in the stomach, and things putrefy, provoking bad digestion, gas, bloating, etc. Your body is not able to absorb all the nutrients, and you put an extra burden on your digestive system, using extra energy for digestion instead of other important physiological activities.

    Hopefully my answer helped you a little bit, however, I again recommend reading at least one of those books I mentioned before. I gave you a short version, but there is a whole science behind it.