Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, it's been a while since I haven't posted anything, so I decided today, that even if it's just a small post, that I would share something.

Nutrition is full of interesting principles that work together to give us health. These principles are mainly based on accommodating to the natural cycles of our body. When we interrupt one of these cycles, our bodies don't work properly, and they need to make an extra effort to solve problems. Therefore, the more we follow these principles, the better our health will be.

So here it is, one of these principles. It's about fruit. Fruit is the most important food we can eat. The principle is that we should at least eat fruit three times a day, but always on empty stomach. That would be first, when we wake up in the morning, second, about two or two and a half hours after breakfast, when we have digested the food, and third, about two and half to three hours after lunch, after we have digested the food. When eating fruit, wait at least 45 minutes before eating anything else.

There you go. If you apply this principle in your life, you will become a lot healthier. Don't forget to choose first your own yard organic fruits, then organic fruits from the farmers market, then organic fruits from the health food store, then regular fruits from the farmers market, and finally, if nothing else is available, regular fruits from the grocery store (however these last ones won't help you much).


  1. Angel what would you say to people that says that eating too much food is not good for you apparently they argue that theirs studies that says that too much fructose is not very good.
    Thanks buddy

  2. You mean too much food or too much fruit?
    Too much food in general is not good, it's demonstrated that the less a person eats the longer and healthier he lives. Now, the term "too much food" is relative. Does it mean too much volume of food? too much calories in the food? too many toxins in the food? too many incompatible foods eaten at once? As you see, it all depends.

    If you meant too much fruit because of the fructose, then I know what you mean. Studies here, studies there...some will tell you this, some will tell you that. The ones considered experts in our country have their food pyramid (yes, the one that is killing millions of americans every year). I would say that about 90% of studies are biased. You have to experience yourself what you want to do. Here is a link for somebody who has tried different diets:
    Here is a link that explains the difference between fruit and sugar:

    Most studies on the effect of sugar in the body don't include fruit per se. They use sugar for the studies, they suppose fruit=fructose=sugar, and then they compare results and translate them into their wanted outputs. Even the very few studies done on fruit are usually done on cooked fruit.