Sunday, September 26, 2010


35% of Americans are obese, and 65% are overweight. These astounding statistics are terrifying since obesity should be a rare thing; and actually, up until about 100 years ago, it was. So what has changed in the last century that has made us be so unhealthy, with autoimmune disease percentages increasing every year, cardiovascular disorders killing millions of people, and all kinds of symptoms attacking the population as if it was the normal thing to have headaches, sinus infections, allergies, insomnia, etc.?

People have to start wondering what has changed in the las decades that has provoked such a horrible state of health, especially in this nation. Really, what do you think? I wanna know your opinion! If you are still wondering, I'm going to suggest a couple of things or more:

1. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organism): Only in the last decades we have seen foods that are not in their natural state, they have been genetically modified. Experiments have proved that these changes in gen codes are not good for the organism, but people are consuming these products everyday! How unhealthy are GMO foods? you check it out HERE.

2. FERTILIZERS and PESTICIDES: These two elements along with a few others are used today to supposedly increase the ratio of production in agriculture. They have never been created to improve the quality of nutrients in the food, they have never been created to help you be healthier. On the contrary, there are innumerable dangerous side effects that occur by partaking of foods with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, these dangers you can check them out HERE and HERE.

3. PROCESSED FOODS: A hundred years ago, the most processed food you could find was your grandma's can of strawberries she made jam with to have a yummy fruity treat for the winter. Today, about 90% to 95% of the food you can find at a normal supermarket has been processed; and let me tell you, these are not processed like your grandma used to do it! How dangerous for you and your health is processed food? Again, check it out HERE.

4. WRONG FOOD COMBINING: Did you know that when you combine specific foods, your body cannot digest those foods for many hours, and putrefaction occurs inside your digestive system? Civilizations in the past knew about this naturally. Today, we have stopped listening to our bodies about which are the right combinations for food.

5. LACK OF NUTRIENTS: Today's american diet is high in calories and low in nutrients. This is one of the reasons why your body always feels hunger, because it doesn't have the nutrients it needs! Fruits and vegetables today have up until 10 times less nutrients they used to have 100 years ago. Why is that? Organic products though, still have the same nutrients your grandma's garden's products used to have. Switch to a lower calorie, higher nutrient dense diet, and you will see results!

When I create nutritional plans, I always suggest buying organic, and unprocessed foods to improve in health, lose excess weight, and to detoxify your system. However, people that is not used to buying organic often complain about price. Have you ever wondered why some products are cheaper in the non organic version? Well, did you know that even the freshest product you might think you are buying at the normal supermarket might have been in storage for over six months? Pick up a tomato out of your grandma's garden and take a big bite...then grab a tomato from the supermarket and do the'll taste the difference! Unfortunately, taste is not the worst of your worries; the real problem is the lack of nutrients on these non-organic-processed foods, and the amount of toxins and poisons they have on them.

How often do you think your grandparents used to eat out? My grandparents, I believe they could count with their hands the amount of times they ate at a restaurant in their whole lives! Before the 1900's, there were just no restaurants you could go to. Now, don't get me wrong, I love some restaurants I go to, but let's be realistic...some of the most popular restaurants are also the least healthy ones. They process their food even more than the stuff you can get at a normal supermarket and many of them use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). For more info about MSG watch THIS VIDEO.

Well, there are hundreds of things I could tell you about that make you fat. YOU ARE FAT BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHY YOU ARE FAT! The moment you understand the reasons because you are overweight, then, if you follow some principles, you will for sure reach the ideal weight and perfect state of health. Crash diets don't work; they don't make you healthier; they only deprive you of some nutrients, make you hungry, and destroy your metabolism, so you will for sure gain more weight once you are done with any of them. Health and ideal weight are a lifestyle. You have to embrace some principles that go along with nature. There is no other way. Even people that is not overweight might be in a terrible state of health.

Now, don't worry. There is hope! Eat organic, eat fresh, don't eat processed foods! Don't put poisons and chemicals in your body! Eat clean! and of course, if you want to know all the important tips most people don't know about, don't hesitate, contact

By the way, I will talk about exercise on another post, but this, also, is a main difference between lifestyles of the past and the present, and one of the main reasons of obesity in the US.

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  1. oops to the first two comments... anyways, i really like this post... it can be so frustrating to try to eat healthy and be in shape these days, there is a lot about nutrition that is unknown in mainstream... thanks for sharing those points... maybe you could explain more about chemicals in another post? not just chemical fertilizers and pesticides but chemicals in everyday foods that we are constantly and consistently consuming without knowing and/ or giving it much thought... or could you post some links to sites explaining what they are and what they do to your body... it's not always easy to know what chemicals to look out for and the seriousness of them...